Please note that due to the unique nature and layout of Zed*80, that we do not take reservations, however we do sell advanced tickets which include the privilege of knowing that we are saving a spot for you inside. With the exception of ‘Family Time’ Zed*80 is a 19+ establishment. Our hours and policies are below.





Birthday Policy - It’s your birthday? Guess what, cover’s on us. Heck if you email us a photo of your id, and the day you want to come in, we’ll even send you a ticket for free admission so you can skip the line. Unless you ask us to guest list your friends. Then you pay double.

Minors Policy - Zed*80 is a 19+ establishment Monday - Friday. We provide the opportunity for families to enjoy the space and introduce the next generation to vintage arcades on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 12pm - 5pm. All minors must be accompanied by an adult on a 2 to 1 (2 minors, one adult) ratio, and we ask that you ensure that minors be respectful of the games as they are antiques.

Children’s Birthday Parties - Just don’t do it. Seriously. We’d rather swan dive into a wood chipper than host children’s birthday parties.





Located at 185 Danforth Avenue, Zed*80 is a short 4 minute walk east of Broadview Station. It is located just east of Danforth Music Hall.