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Some Frequently Asked Questions, which might save you an email…


Do you do reservations?

Yes and No…while we don’t do reservations, we do sell a limited number of advanced tickets through our site. If you want to ensure that you and your group are able to get in, these tickets ensure that even if we are at capacity, we are saving a spot for you inside, so no waiting in line and the tickets are good to get in any time within the time-frame listed, and you can stay as long as you want.

Can I book out Zed*80

During our posted business hours, we are always open to the public. The only thing that will stop you from getting in is if we are at capacity. We absolutely do not do private events during our advertised business hours, nor are we able to reserve a portion of the space for a private group.

Can I rent Zed*80 when you are not open?

Yes you can! Zed80 is available for rent during non business hours. We charge $300 for the first hour, and $200 for each subsequent hour with a three hour minimum rental unless the rental time ends as we open the space to the general public during our advertised business hours. The rental cost includes all games set to free play, along with a door person to ensure that your event is private. It also includes bar and kitchen staff to make your event rock. Zed*80 is not available for rent during our advertised hours of operations.

Can I reserve a table?

Unfortunately, given the layout and concept, we do not do table reservations. All tables are on a first come, first serve basis, and unattended items left in the booths will be moved to coat-check (don’t be this person, it’s inconsiderate to the other people visiting).

Can Minors visit? What Is Family Time?

Zed*80 is 19+ with the exception of ‘family time’, which occurs on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm - 5pm, and is a great opportunity for the next generation to discover vintage arcade games. Please note that during family time, all minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult guardian, at a ratio of two minors to one adult. Do not bring your kids birthday/sports team/scout troop party here.

Outside Food

Don’t bring it; unless it’s cake. We only charge the cost of maintenance and replacement for the games, and we have a well stocked bar and kitchen. Also, we’ve got to pay the bills, and our staff, so don’t show up with a pizza. It’s not a cool move. If you are bringing a cake, treat it like it’s a picnic, and bring your own plates/forks/napkins.

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Located at 185 Danforth Avenue, Zed*80 is a short 4 minute walk east of Broadview Station. It is located just east of Danforth Music Hall.


Monday: 5PM - 2AM
Tuesday: 5PM - 2AM
Wednesday: 5PM - 2AM
Thursday: 5PM - 2AM
Friday: 5PM - 2AM
Saturday: 12PM - 2AM
Sunday: 12PM - 2AM