Replay Thursdays - July 11th - Stevie Wonder Edition w. The Vinyl Villain


A controversial advertisement of Stevie Wonder promoting the Atari console has been making the rounds over the past few years after crawling out of the armpit of the dark web.

It pokes fun at Wonder’s lack of eyesight by quoting the musician, “If I could play video games, you bet it would be Atari!” Could Atari have gotten away with such a cruel marketing ploy at using Wonder along with his impairment to promote their console to the masses?

Fortunately, they did not. It has been pointed out by several bloggers that the ad was indeed a fake poster made by some ruthless photoshopper.

Regardless, Stevie Wonder was in fact a huge advocate for technology whether it was digital instruments for his music or tools that could help the blind advance, his heart stood for positivity and love which was evident throughout the man’s career. To quote an episode of the TV series Atlanta, (Stevie Wonder) wasn’t blind, he saw through his music.

In this week’s 2nd episode of Replay Thursdays, Zed*80 and DJ Vinyl Villain honour the great Steveland Hardaway Morris (better known as Stevie Wonder) by digging through the crates for his hits that span the 1960’s-80’s, some b-side deep cuts, his self-written songs composed for other artists (e.g. Rufus-Tell me Something Good, Michael Jackson- I Can’t Help it) as well as today’s artists who have been influenced by Wonder’s music (e.g. Anderson .Pakk, Frank Ocean).

So boogie on down to Zed*80 where “Wonders” never cease.

Also, be sure to check out Vinyl Villain’s self-produced series, “Diggin’ in the Crates” where he uncovers some cool poop about a variety of artists.

Nathan Hunter