The ZReport - October 28th - November 3rd


C’est l’halloween, c’est l’halloween! Get your costumes ready for the little shindig we are throwing on Thursday.

The Super Nintendo System had just released, and everyone’s favourite pixelated Italian plumber stereotype was one hot commodity. So hot that they’d green light just about anything connected to him, including one of the worst films ever made. They also made a pinball, and it’s going to be hanging out here for a bit. That’s right, Super Mario Bros. pinball. It happened.

This week we’re tapping the Danforth Brewery Viaduct IPA. It’s a nice down the middle IPA a bit citrusy and not a lot of bitterness; perfect for the chillier days that are coming in. Support local.

 Big week of shows at the Danforth Music Hall, honestly too many to list, so we’ll highly a few of the exceptional ones. Former Joy Division and New Order bassist is rolling through with his new band Peter Hook and the Light, on Halloween, Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley fame is playing the hall. The weekend has a pretty cool electro double header of Polo & Pan on Friday followed by Maribou State on Saturday. Speaking of which, did you know we’re giving away some tickets for the Saturday show? Well now you do. Check the socials for details.

  It’s a big DJ week as well for us, as we’ve got our Stranger Arcade Halloween party on Thursday. DJ Ready Fox rolls through on Friday and it’s Queer Arcade with Fawn Big Canoe on Saturday.

Feel Good.

Nathan Hunter