Replay Thursdays - Super Psychedelic Mario w. DJ Vinyl Villain - Thursday, October 7th - 9pm

super psychedelic mario.jpg

So we all know the concept of the classic video game Super Mario Bros, right?

Two Italian plumber brothers that live in a fictional land called the 'Mushroom Kingdom' find themselves in a predicament when their fungus headed pal Toadstool begs for their assistance in locating their Princess Peach from her captor, Bowzer.

In doing so, the brick breaking brothers must travel through several worlds filled with obstacles, baddies and the chance of scoring up some serious payola.

But what if what we grew up knowing, all along was nothing more than a drug induced/fantasy driven by the real Super Mario's sweet addiction for magic mushrooms? That's where the Vinyl Villain steps in.

This Replay Thursday, he's got a load of modern and retro psych songs that the pipe laying, Koopa slaying, Goomba crunching, mushroom munching Dr. Mario HIMSELF would prescribe.

And while you're there, be sure to check out Zed*80's stacked collection of Mario's finest games including their latest Mario game that packs some serious balls. Pinballs that is.

-Vinyl Villain

Nathan Hunter