Replay Thursdays, September 12th - TIFF @ Zed*80 edition w. DJ JPQ

Sept 12 Z80 (3).png

Quiet on SET!

For DJ JPQ, the circuitous route through the creative class that lead to his present post as gentleman selector on Replay Thursdays began with a thorough education in film studies. In fact, he has written, acted in, directed, edited, produced...and even WATCHED, a multitude of films of varying genres, lengths, and degrees of visibility. As TIFF mania froths over King street, this scholar of the cinematic and musical will take to the decks to explore movie music.

Scores, bespoke hits, iconic selections - as always, there is no rule except that it must WORK in the set.

As ambitious and audacious as Amadeus, as heartwarming as Babe, and probably better than La La Land. Buy the ticket, take the ride, there will be pop, there will be corn, when the lights go low, DJ JPQ will project a single light to illuminate a dreamworld out of darkness.

Nathan Hunter