Replay Thursdays - October 10th - Vinyl Villain "Skate or Die Edition"


Years before Tony Hawk was teaching gamers how to “360 Shove It” in what is arguably considered as the greatest skateboarding video game of all time, an 8-bit video game had helped pioneer virtual skateboarding into our living rooms with the ultimatum: You either SKATE, or just straight up DIE! (Rest in peace to those who chose their own fate).

Released in 1990 on the Nintendo Entertainment System and on several other gaming consoles, “Skate or Die!” was a hit among video gamers and skateboarders alike. The game featured a variety of 2D levels that you could skate though such as half pipe ramps, downhill-street & park skating modes and the famous pool joust where players would go head to head in an empty swimming pool to knock their opponents out.

While Skate or Die! is certainly not the reason that skateboarding gained worldwide popularity, it has always been a hilarious and honorable mention within the skate board culture.

In this edition of Replay Thursdays at Zed*80, Vinyl Villain pays homage to not only to the game Skate or Die! but to the entire counterculture of skateboarding by spinning everything from Punk, Thrash, Funk, Hip-Hop, Indie (but sorry, no Crunk) –that will be sure to keep those bearings in check.

Nathan Hunter