Replay Thursdays - NBA Jam Edition w. DJ JPQ

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At the dawn of this beautiful new era, as the mighty Raptor claw has let the air out of all the skeptics in all of America, and Toronto reigns supreme - it makes perfect sense to Dj JPQ to dribble his way into the Zed 80 booth and pay tribute to a woebegone era. The pre-Raptor period. An NBA that didn't recognize us as valuable, or even worthy of a team yet. This unenlightened period of early 90's hubris is epitomized in Acclaim's silly, frenetic, and iconic NBA JAM.

You will hear songs for cities, duos, about basketball, by basketball players (yes, Shaq). Some will be hilarious bricks while others will resonate like the sweet swish of buzzer beating twine from downtown. Is it the shoes? No, its the inspiration that will emanate from the champions favourite arcade and across Raptor nation.

Get ready for the tip. NBA JAM = LOVE (& Basketball)

Nathan Hunter