Replay Thursdays - July 25th - Space Patrol Edition w. The Vinyl Villain

space patrol.jpg

Picture yourself in the distant future where civilization on the moon exists….

Within the realm of things, you take on the role of a police officer for Lunar City's Patrol Unit. Your task is to deal with the city's on-going crisis of beep-booping UFO's and Space Tanks whose only intention is to take you out.

Keep in mind, these are some Sector Nine's toughest thugs and they must be stopped at all costs! And if that's not enough excitement, try dodging the swimming pool sized potholes that the city's funding has seemed to neglect!

No this isn't a cheesy 80's rip off of Star Wars or RoboCop, this is the premise to the arcade game "Moon Patrol" released in 1982 and distributed in North America by Williams.

Moon Patrol has been recognized as one of the first arcade games to use Parallax Scrolling and Side Scrolling technology and won a certificate in 1984 for "THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY VIDEO GAME" at the 5th annual Arkie awards ceremony.

So you think you can handle this mission? Come test your skills at Zed*80 on Thursday July 25th where the Vinyl Villain will set you up with a catalog of 80's jams fitting for the times.

***Playlist Coming Soon!***

Nathan Hunter