Replay Thursdays - Ice Cold Beer Edition w. DJ Vinyl Villain


Released by Taito in 1983, "Ice Cold Beer" is a mechanical arcade game that has the player using a metal bar that you control with two joysticks that moves up and down/ side to side to roll a metallic ball into the proper lit up beer bubble (number). As you conquer each level, the playing field becomes more and more difficult as you try reach your number without dropping your ball into the wrong hole.

Some might assume this game is simple, but this arcade game takes pure skill and patience to get through it. In this week's edition of Replay Thursdays, Vinyl Villain challenges you to come defeat Ice Cold Beer (*he has only ever got to level 7). With that, here is a playlist that he curated full of beer and other fine drinking songs and while Zed*80 and Vinyl Villain do not condone alcoholism, we hope this playlist gets you through the week.


Nathan Hunter