Replay Thursdays - Ice Cold Beer edition w. DJ JPQ - Thursday, November 14th


For his latest instalment in the sonic exploration of one of Zed 80's collection of games, JPQ has sidled up to the legendary cabinet of Ice Cold Beer.

Like the brewing or consumption of the titular beverage, Ice Cold Beer is a game that relies on balance. Many who step to it, perhaps after a beer (or in extreme cases, more) come with confidence that the balancing of a little ball should be easier than the scrolling videos and zapping triggers. The cabinet is welcome. The colours are familiar. It's rods and a silver ball. It feels like it wants you to win.

The magic of Ice Cold Beer is that by the end of most games, early over-confidence is exposed as tragic hubris. It is formidably challenging, and the perfection of its roll is somewhere on the spectrum somewhere between sober and glowing. Ice Cold Beer is for everyone, but in the end, its mastery is a long bender, that you can only take alone.

Beer (the libation) is a part of our barroom fabric, a feature of our sports, nightlife, and national identity. JPQ (an armchair Cicerone if there ever was one) will perform a set of songs that are about the majesty, dangers, influence of, ad mystery inherent in Ice Cold Beer.

Where better to raise a glass to the suds than the booth at Zed 80, a place that has as much fun pushing forward in the vanguard of craft beer, as it does pushing classic arcade buttons.

Nathan Hunter