Replay Thursdays - Elton John Edition w. DJ JPQ


The man born Elton Hercules John was so impressive that DJ JPQ and Zed 80 celebrate his work, influence, recently released biopic, and eternal achievement in coin operated licencing.

For you kids who only know candle in the wind, this dude stomped across the popular music landscape as a badass hero and glamorous king. As adventurous as he was successful and celebrated from covers in punk rock to samples in hip hop. Dj JPQ will pay tribute to the guy in the glasses.

We celebrate the other Pianomen and Pianowomen he inspired, as well as hits of 1977 by such greats as Talking Heads, Television, The Jam, Iggy Pop and The Damned. It was an insane year in music history: Rumours came out in 77' and so did Animals. The Clash, Cheap Trick and Quiet Riot released self titled debut records that tore up the charts with fun rock that kept the new wave beat while simultaneously eschewing old boogie boogie rules.

He reigns as a glittering behemoth, a champion of the mass and critical conciousness. A marvel. The entertainer. Born with it. Come to Zed 80 and walk the Yellow Brick Road as we celebrate the songs (and related works) of Mr Bernie Taupin and Sir Elton motherfucking John.

Nathan Hunter