Replay Thursdays - August 22nd - Altered Beast Edition w. DJ JPQ

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 7.38.29 AM.png

Modern paranoia often fixates on the robots we’ve built and their burgeoning intelligence, but to do so is to belie the greatest danger of all to so called civilized humans - the gnarly beast within.

This reality in mind, Dj JPQ steps to the decks to celebrate Altered Beast: Eyes will dilate, fur will fly, claws and paws shall overtake hands and feet. You will howl to a heavens that seem to have forsaken you as the pixelated screen and angry August moon shine their indifferent and maddening light on the carnage.

Beast mode will be engaged. Dj JPQ (a known monster on the decks) may be humanity’s last hope.

Nathan Hunter