Replay Thursdays - DJ JPQ Alice Cooper Edition - Thursday, October 24th - 9pm

Alice Image.png

Can you hear the coffin creak? The floorboards wail? You're too scared to speak. As the monster approaches, gnashing its teeth, you scream the scream of the soon to be deceased! What? Still alive? Turns out it was just golf enthusiast and the man with an unusual amount of information about know...scion of the Supermensch Shep Gordon...Alice Cooper.

For his halloween pick, DJ JPQ will explore the music of Alice a mere few spooky feet away from the living breathing Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle pinball machine. This brilliant contemporary table will be haunted by his joyous mix of Alice, spooky dance music, Halloween favourites (kept to the Zed 80 mandated quota as it is technically not Halloween), and songs about murder, blood, zombies, and other ghoulish matter. Somebody write a song about pumpkins, there aren't any good ones.

Bring a trick and treat yourself to the inimitable atmosphere of Toronto's premiere barcade. It's the place where the tunes are better thought out than most costumes, and the only thing truly spooky, is the value.

Nathan Hunter